The GOLD RHYTHM BAND  is one of California's newest entertainment groups dedicated to entertaining audiences with a wide variety of well known songs in almost every genre.  Their combined vocal and instrumental talents, in addition to a huge repetoire of music, are among the  best in the music industry.  Their passion, experience, and dedication to music allows them to "Rock Out" playing some of the most well-known Rock n' Roll tunes, Motown, 50's-current, Jazz,  and Blues, along with a mix of Country and Easy Listening favorites..

Vicki Arelli  

Vocals, Percussion

Vicki is a talented vocalist who's professional training is reflected and enjoyed in her performances.  With years of experience she stirs the hearts of her audiences with exciting and soothing tonal quality.  Her beauty and stage presence is enjoyed by all.  Vicki's ability to deliver outstanding country, Motown, contemporary and standard songs along with adding percussion to the mix is the best.

Vince Arelli

 Keyboard,   Drums,  Arrangements,   Vocals

Vince is a professional musician who has entertained for many years in California and across the US as well as various countries of the world.  He began his music education at the age of 8 studying classical piano.  As an adult, he has played keyboard and sang in various bands covering a wide range of genres.  He currently enjoys arranging, orchestrating and playing songs with the Gold Rhythm Band.

tBrett Matheny

 Sax,  Back-up Vocals

Brett plays the tenor saxophone with Gold Rhythm Band.  Since 1985 he has loved and played this instrument with some very well-known bands.  His focus has been Blues, R&B, Rock and Jazz.  His feel for music and improvisional abilities enhance the tunes he is performing.  The tonal quality he exudes from his sax is admired by all audiences.  His look, style, and charming stage appearance is an asset.

Wisdom Scott

Drums and other Percussion

Wisdom is an extremely talented and experienced drummer with a feel for rhythm that is extraordinary.  His professionalism and showmanship is remarkable.  Our audiences react wildly on the dance floor when during a Motown or Rock 'n' Roll classic he jumps out of his seat twirling his sticks and comes back down striking the symbols and drums without missing a beat.  He is a great backup singer and fun performer.  You don't want to miss when Wisdom is groovin' to the beat with GRB.

Karl Dahlin

Karl plays whatever he feels like and whenever he wants!  He runs the keyboard, jumps on the Congas, blows his horn (Euphonium) AND can really rock with his strong vocals.  Karl has been studying music for years and still feels excited when he has a chance to perform in any capacity.

Cathy  McKinney

Vocals, Back-up vocals, Percussion

Cathy is the newest member to join Gold Rhtthm Band.  Her sweet back-up vocals really add to the sound but don't underestimate this little package.  She can really Rock Out!


Guitarist, Singer & Songwriter

With over 40 years musical experience, Johnny was encouraged by both his father and his uncle who were professioonal musicians to pick up the guitar.  He fell in love with the instrument becoming a life-long student and player of song leads, riffs, fills, interpretations, and song writing.    

In 1963 Johnny secured a recording contract and his song "Brown Eyes" soared to #12 on the Chicago Billboard charts.

He was influenced by enjoyable classic country in his early years and has enjoyed playing most all genres professionally for years at State Fairs, clubs, restaurants, and other venues.

Given the opportunity to add vocal harmonies to a song is a challenge and pleasure Johnny welcomes and has fun with.  He is a dedicated musician and respected member of GRB.